Labour Law Services

The Licenses & Work Permits team regularly advises management and HR services of businesses operating in various sectors of economy on how to structure their employment relationships with foreign and Kazakhstan employees and how to settle labour disputes either out of court or through judicial proceedings in compliance with Kazakhstan law.  We have extensive experience in representing and defending our Clients in judicial and other settlement proceedings.

Licenses & Work Permits provides such services as the optimisation of headcount, legal support of employers in connection with the amendment or termination of employment contracts, legal review of relevant documentation, and representation of Clients in front of labour inspectorate, prosecution and migration authorities.

Licenses & Work Permits is well-practised in dealing with trade unions and assisting employers in negotiating with their staff and resolving labour disputes.

Core Services:

  • Advice, review, analysis and legal opinion on labour law issues;
  • Comprehensive legal due diligence of documentation with regard to Kazakhstan labour law compliance;
  • Revision of HR documents in line with Kazakhstan legislative requirements;
  • Drafting of employment contracts with foreign and Kazakhstan employees;
  • Alteration of material provisions of employment contracts at the employer’s discretion in connection with organisational or technological changes;
  • Drafting of employment termination agreements;
  • Negotiations with shop-floor union organisations for the benefit of employers;
  • Settlement of collective labour disputes;
  • Advice on how to set up a conciliation commission;
  • Legal support through labour dispute settlement proceedings and legal advice on workplace discipline issues;
  • Out-of-court settlement of labour disputes;
  • Representation of Clients in courts in connection with labour disputes;
  • Legal advice on occupational health and safety issues, including settlement of work-related injury issues; and
  • Representation of Clients in front of Kazakhstan authorities in connection with the stay of foreigners in the Republic of Kazakhstan.