Licenses & Work Permits offers the following services:

Core Services:

- obtaining a permit for employment of a foreigner in the Republic of Kazakhstan (work permit);
- extending a work permit;
- replacing a work permit;
- maintaining/supporting the issued work permits; and
- obtaining and extending intragroup secondment permits.

Optional Services:

- drafting and filing an application for quota;
- preparing and filing monthly reports;
- rendering support through the process of special commitments performance;
- rendering comprehensive visa support;
- arranging for registration of foreigners with Kazakhstan authorities and notification thereof;
- obtaining a Kazakhstan permanent residence permit;
- advising on the matters related to the entrance and stay of foreigners in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- issuing recommendations, analyses, as well as legal and expert opinions on labour law issues;
- drafting an employment contract either with a foreign or Kazakhstan employee;
- rendering legal support through pre-trial settlement of labour disputes;
- representing a Client in court in connection with a labour dispute;
- representing a Client in front of any and all Kazakhstan authorities (depending on the competence thereof) in connection with the stay of a foreigner in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- rendering legal support and advice in connection with audits conducted by Kazakhstan authorities;
- arranging for registration, reorganisation and dissolution of any legal entity incorporated in any legal form;
- amending constituent and other documents;
- arranging for record registration and dissolution of branches and representative offices of foreign companies;
- obtaining licenses for any activities/operations; and
- obtaining various permits, approvals, consents, certificates, registrations and other authorisation documents from Kazakhstan government authorities in compliance with Kazakhstan legislation.